Murdoch’s tear-stained King Lear upstages Kevin Spacey’s “Horrible Boss”

I got an email from the US sent by some liberal commentators entitled “Excellent seeing Murdoch on the end of a skewer”

I’m not so sure–

I watched the Murdoch “grilling” on the live feed yesterday and apart from the foam custard pies — surely arranged by The Sun and the interloper let in by (Murdoch paid) police as a stunning piece of “reality TV news” headline-grabbing —  father and son delivered a blinder in front of some deferential lawmakers. It was great theatre.

For Rupe it wasn’t so much a grilling as an accomplished “King Lear in Act V” bravura performance (yep, later on Rebekah gets to die just like Cordelia) while young Harry Hotspur (Aka James) delivered a eve of Agincourt performance that will surely guarantee he gets the keys to the (NewsCorp) kingdom. And shocking-pink Lady Macbeth (aka Wendi) swings a meaner fist to stand by her man than Mrs Strauss Kahn! No wonder the NewsCorp stock bounced back 5.5%. The Murdoch sitcom will break bigger  records in your multiplex this summer than Kevin Spacey in Horrible Bosses! (Memo to Kevin: Stick to big tragic roles like Richard III at the Old Vic and leave the Horrible Boss roles to the real professionals. Rupert plays the part way better).

Revenge is a dish best eaten hot …. And the liberal media crucially missed their chance to press home the advantage. Alan Rusbridger needs to start media training his parliamentary attack poodles if the Guardian hopes to deliver lasting change.  If anyone plans to lay a glove on the WSJ/Fox News military-industrial complex they’ll need to try much harder than those timid Brits at Portcullis House.

These people are like poison ivy — seize them and they sting you. Fail to seize them and you can’t tear them out by the roots and they will grow right back in weeks. I sense the Murdoch fightback has begun.

Go Rupes! Go James! Tell us you were betrayed by all trusted friends and Pimp that Stock! There’s only US$ 1 billion in  (temporarily lost) family net worth to recover — and the shortfall is closing fast.


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