Infographic Storytelling: hands and words working together

Some time back I wrote a script that became the voice-over of an infographics-based 4 minute video podcast. This was the launch video for a TED  Conference held in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the end of 2011 (at which I was also a speaker).

The subject was moral persuasion and mass behaviour change —  how our lives and choices are  influenced by external forces including  storytelling  through the media. And how, while many of these influences are commercially-biased, there is  such a thing as morally-justifiable  “persuasion for good” that can deliver broad social benefits. One example of this is the ‘Nudge Theory’ now popular with policymakers in Washington and London.

The design and artwork was done by the brilliant folks at Grey Matters and TruScribe. Their thing is applied social- and-media psychology. They research, publish and consult about the application of scientific persuasion insights in marketing, sales and cross-media campaigning.

Check it out!

I thought it might be fun to post  this video as the storytelling process works so beautifully when you can see the artist’s hand actually creating the story for you in real time. Other  institutions, including the RSA in London (a society of which I’m also a member), have used the technique with incredible effect in terms of  “share of mind” on youTube etc. Andrew Park, the RSA artist, has become a bit of a rockstar.

Richard House


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