Talk Radio/Radio Talking Shop for Storytellers

I’ve been taking part in an interesting radio project led by The Academy of Oratory in London. Giles Abbott and Leon Conrad who run the Academy are two hugely entertaining performers/entertainers/coaches who seem to have sprung for an earlier epoch. For style, erudition, and understanding of how the old rules of rhetoric are more valid than ever in the new world of communication, you can’t beat these guys.

Talking Shop is a six-part discussion series on stories and storytellers, which is broadcast by Resonance 104.4FM and online. On Tuesday 1 May 7-8pm, I joined the discussion on Stories and Leadership.

You can download it here:

Here is the intro from Giles and Leon’s website:

“How do stories influence us? What role do they play in leading us and our thought? In shaping opinion? When PR and marketing companies use stories, should we be wary of the extreme hold that gives them over us?

In this programme, Giles and Leon examine these issues further with Ramsay Wood, author and storyteller a specialist on the Kalila and Dimna collection of instructional fables and the way they have been adapted to and used to define different cultures. They will be joined by Richard House from Story Fountain, a company that uses traditional storytelling techniques to help businesses build brand identity, customer base and market share and Geoff Mead, founder and director of the Centre for Narrative Leadership and The Network for Organisational Storytelling.”

The Storyfountain website is at

More about Geoff Mead’s excellent and moving book here:

Coming Home to Story: Storytelling Beyond Happily Ever After

Ramsay’s equally excellent and eloquent retelling of the Kalila and Dimna stories are available at:

You can find the other episodes on the Academy of Oratory website.

Richard House


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